Slow Cooker Chicken & Rice

Fit Meals: Slow Cooker Chicken & Rice

​    Why we love this recipe:

​→ This delicious dinner requires very little work and only 3 ingredients!

→ One awesome post-workout meal that packs 50 grams of protein & 43 grams of carbs for just 405 calories per serving!

→ Pair it with steamed or roasted veggies for a little extra fiber and nutrients, and you're done!
Come on, that WAS easy! right? 🙂

Nutritional info per serving (4 Servings) Calories: 405 / Protein: 50 grams / Carbs: 43 grams / Fat: 3 grams

What you will need (for 4 Servings) ↓

  • 4 (8 oz) Chicken Breasts
  • 4 Cups of chicken or vegetable Broth (or chicken bouillon mixed with water)
  • 1 Cup uncooked Jasmine rice

Directions: (Prep Time: 5 Min, Cook Time: 7 Hours)

  1. Place chicken in slow cooker, cover with broth. Cook for 4-5 hours on high setting, until the chicken is cooked and shreds easily. (Use longer cooking time for frozen chicken breast.)
  2. Take the chicken out of the slow cooker and shred with 2 forks.  Put the chicken back in the crock pot and add the uncooked rice, cook together for an additional 1 to 1.5  hours. The rice will cook in the broth and will pick up all of the yummy flavors!

    * Note: For extra flavor, add your favorite spices while the chicken cooks and make it your own!