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Your Capital Guarantee

“I know the Capital Strength Training System gets results so I offer a personal satisfaction guarantee:

If you’re not seeing results or 100% satisfied with us for any reason, at any time, you can call me personally at 910-554-9733 and I will make it right for you. This is a risk-free decision. See our professional reputation below."

-Matt McLaughlin

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What you can expect at Capital Strength

Shaun S.

Small Business Owner

New to Raleigh and Finding Community

"I recently moved to Raleigh and looking for a gym was a top priority. Capital Strength has great trainers, programs and equipment. Convenient and easy to get to, and easy to schedule workouts with the app. And CLEAN and ORGANIZED.

Compound lifts were new to me, so good trainers were essential. Ben's coaching has helped me gain confidence and trust myself. His cues and coaching help keep me from overthinking and slow down. Ben, Eli, Peter and Carey make me want to show up and try my best. I'm really happy with my progress."

Tad C.

Marketing Professional

"Expert Trainers and a Gym that's Safe, Clean, Private"

"Capital Strength has an expert team to guide you through your fitness goals...

It's THE best place to workout in Raleigh. I am in a safe, clean environment with professionals that are highly trained on a strength training and nutrition.  I always get a fantastic workout and have already started to transform my body and mind."

Catherine F.

Sales Professional & Mom

New mom get's pre-baby body back and even stronger!

"Capital Strength taught me what I was missing. I learned proper technique, correct form specific to weight lifting, and how to progress and improve on a program—getting stronger each workout.

That’s why Capital Strength is unique: they keep the classes small so that trainers have time to help each client... So if you’re looking to invest in real training that'll teach you life-long skills to stay fit and healthy... progressing past your plateaus... Capital Strength is your gym!"

Chris T.

Small Business Owner & Fire Fighter

The Group Classes Feel Like 1-on-1 Personal Training

"Phenomenal group of folks who really care. It has the feel of having a 1 on 1 personal trainer without the insane cost. They hold you accountable and will push you to stay on track."

Larissa L.

Product Analyst & Mom

"At 44, I'm in the best shape of my life and indebted to the Capital Strength Team"

"At 44, I'm in the best shape of my life and indebted to the Capital Strength Team... I can out-lift my 16 year old son and outlast both my 10 year old and 7 year old.

Perhaps most surprising (considering my age) I get compliments on my derrière quite often. The best result? My doctor is very pleased with my low heart rate, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, bone density, and muscular frame"


Military Officer

"Without any question, my experience at Capital Strength has been the highest quality"

"I've had personal trainers in Miami, California, Brazil, and North Carolina. Without any question, my experience at Capital Strength has been the highest quality.

I've been an officer in the United States Department of Defense for the last 15 years. My goal is to train SMARTER and harder as I approach my late 30’s and 40’s. Training at Capital Strength has help me get confident by learning how to properly exercise without hurting myself."

Mary F.

Tech Consultant

Smarter Training Gave Me Better Results

"With smart training I got better results without overstressing my body...

The Capital Strength Team is professional and engaged. They give helpful guidance and tailor my workouts to safely push me to get stronger."

Hagan F

Tech Consultant

Dedicated Coaches Helped Me See Results in 2 Months

"Their dedication to each client speaks to why they come so highly recommended!

To get to the next level, I wanted to train with professionals who could take me there.  After just over 2 months working with Capital Strength I've noticed strength & muscle gains, faster recovery, better sleep, and a more positive outlook of my long term goals!"

Charlotte M.

Mom & Executive Assistant

Mom of 2 Gets Back in Amazing Shape

"I have been working out at Capital Strength & Conditioning since its opening and I absolutely love it. My workouts there have been challenging and fun! Personal training has helped me improve my form and discover fun new exercises.

After both my children, I used their training to bounce right back in to even better shape!"