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A new approach to fitness that unlocks your fat burning and muscle building potential in as little as 8 weeks

(...Even if you’re just getting started again or have never lifted weights before)

Avg 5.0 Stars 
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Avg 5.0 Stars
Over 124 Reviews

Allow me to be upfront with you for a moment... Any gym and personal trainer can claim they will get you in better shape. It's well known that losing weight just means eating less and moving more. Right? Wrong!

If body transformation was easy—Why do so many people struggle to get long term results?

Is there a secret that most people are missing? Yes, there is a secret. There's actually 3. And I'm going to share them with you. But first, let's talk about why it's not your fault...

Any average trainer can smoke you with a hard workout, making you tired and sore. But that can be inefficient, ineffective, and risky—leading to overuse injuries.

Add in all the conflicting nutrition advice out there; it’s no wonder you feel confused.

Plus life tends to get in your way: Work. Stress. Family. It can feel impossible to stick with anything long enough to see progress.

Here's the good news—There is a better way, with our proven 3-Step System, which I will share soon. But next, here's what you need to know before hiring a trainer.

Burn Fat with our DSC Training

Before you hire a trainer, know this...

Your training should be focused on your desired result. It’s a series of planned workouts to achieve your specific goal. It must be fun and something you look forward to.

Your nutrition should fit you. It’s fueling yourself to acheive your goals and lifestyle. It must be healthy and realistic so that you can stick to it.

Your coaching experience should be personalized. It’s delivering you the accountability and resources to keep you on the right path. It must help you stay on it, even when things get hard.

So what’s this big secret and what's The Capital Difference?
That’s next—After I reveal the steps to finally achieving significant fitness results.

You'll Stay Accountable With CAP

The 3 Elements of Your Body Transformation

Just like how fire requires the elements of heat, fuel, and oxygen;
Igniting your body transformation requires only three elements too.

To build muscle, reduce fat, and get high energy you need:

  1. Training to Stimulate Your Muscles & Metabolism
  2. Nutrition for Recovery & Fuel
  3. Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

Align them all? You'll witness magic happen.
Miss just one? Your results get stunted.

And most importantly, it takes personalization and consistency. 
That's where we make the difference. That's our secret...

To give you this unique edge we developed The Capital Transformation System.

DSC + OMN + CAP = Superior Results!

Introducing: The Capital Transformation System (CTS)

Here’s the secret to transforming more than just your body. It’s our proven, 3-step method that'll help you burn body fat, build lean muscle, and get in the best shape of your life.

The 3 Components of The CTS:

  1. Dynamic Strength & Conditioning (DSC)
  2. Optimal Muscle Nutrition (OMN)
  3. Capital Accountability Program (CAP)

1. Dynamic Strength & Conditioning (DSC)
Science has discovered that Strength Training & Metabolic Conditioning alters your body all the way down to the genetic level. But, for it to work for you, you must adhere to certain principles that must be suited to your unique qualities.

Our DSC Training is proven to get results and is simultaneously tailored to fit your individual goals. It's how you get highly personalized training in small groups at the best possible value.

No matter if you want to slim down, tone up, or train 2, 3, 4, or 5+ days per week; we have your plan ready. You get workouts designed to build lean muscle, burn off body fat, increase strength, and develop fitness to handle whatever life throws at you. 

On top of that you'll use free weights: barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, and more—the gear that gets real-life functional results. And, most importantly, you'll learn proper technique and safety.

You'll redefine your body while learning how to lift weights with picture perfect form with DSC training.

2. Optimal Muscle Nutrition (OMN)
For lean muscle development and body fat reduction, you must eat correctly.
And, if you want to feel amazing too; this requires another layer.
That's where our Optimal Muscle Nutrition (OMN) strategy goes to work for you.

Modern research has proven that all effective weight-change diets have two things in common.

  1. Calories must be aligned to your weight-change goals.
  2. Protein intake must be high.

Beyond that there is variety and flexibility with how you can eat. Through the OMN program we teach you how to burn fat, build muscle, and feel energetic outside of the gym. It's nutrition that's flexible to fit your lifestyle while also optimized to transform your lean body.

You’ll discover fueling up doesn’t have be stressful or confusing!

3. Capital Accountability Program (CAP)
Getting life changing results is simple. But it’s not easy. Be skeptical of anyone who tells you otherwise. Results require consistency. And now we have a system to keep you on track. It's called the Capital Accountability Program (CAP)

We created CAP to ensure all of our clients get the support they need. Here's how it works: if you don't make it to your scheduled workout we check up on you. If you need any guidance, you've got a designated accountability coach to lean on. Anything you need we'll figure out a way to help.

In other words, we're here everyday to make sure you do what you said you’d do:
Show up. Give 100%. And do the work necessary to achieve your goals.

Additionally, we give you all the tips, tricks, and resources to create healthy habits.
Kind of like your on-demand go-to fitness resource—Here whenever you need us.

there with you—Every step of the way

Now Become Your Best With Us

The Capital Transformation System is our unique method to help you get in amazing shape.

  • It redefines your physique with lean, toned muscle and reduced body fat.
  • It educates you on how to eat for your goals while creating the habits for your best life.
  • It holds you accountable to stay consistent and on the path all the way to your goal.

Put simply, it’s our proven method to build a body you can be proud of and live a life with more possibilities. All you have to do is show up and follow our guidance. No more second-guessing or wasted time sifting through all the nonsense.

Now do you see our difference?
We’ll help you be your best. Everyday.

Health is your first wealth. You have the power to improve it.
And it’s never too late to start making a positive impact in your life.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this together!
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all the support you need!

One Last Thing...

After working with thousands of clients and doing this for a decade, there’s one BIG secret I’ve learned. It’s the reason why some people get what they want in life. And why others don’t.

Want to know what it is? It’s called taking action.

My Warning To You: If you have goals to get in shape, you actually have to do something about it! And, the sooner the better. Here’s why:

Muscle doesn’t just build itself. Fat doesn’t just magically burn off.
Change requires action. And YOU must be the catalyst.
The good news is that we’re here to help you do it.

If you don’t get started now, and decide to keep waiting;
You’re even less likely to do something about it in the future.
The rut only gets deeper…

Don’t make that mistake! Don’t stand in the way of your own success.
Let’s see if training with us is a fit for you and take the next step to finally getting results.

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It’s your zero-risk, no hassle way to see for yourself what the Capital Transformation System can do for you.

it's never too late to take action now