One of our high-value, core services is providing small groups of 2-3 trainees with the training expertise of a professional coach. By spreading the cost of professional training over a semi-private small group, you get the expertise and attention of a trainer at a significantly lower price point.

That is how we can provide the best value in personal training in Raleigh, NC.

Don’t have a small group to sign up with? No problem! You can still receive the small group rate, and we will set up the group for you!


Small Group Personal Training Details

  • 1 hour session – Your session is scheduled for one hour. However, since your trainer is not bound to one individual client, your workout is not rushed by a deadline!
  • Semi-private group of 1-3 clients per trainer – Spreading the cost of a high quality personal trainer among a group is how you can get professional service and a discount price.
  • $45-25/session – Price varies depending on frequency and length of commitment.
  • Flexible Scheduling – Since your trainer isn’t booked up by a single individual, scheduling a time convenient for you is much more flexible and easier!

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