David’s 80lb Weight-Loss Journey

From Dad-Bod to Mountain Conqueror:
David's Transformation at Capital Strength



At 40, I'm the best version of me that I can remember.

David's been training at Capital Strength for over 5 years. He's lost over 80lbs since starting his journey. And now at age 40 he's feeling great and more capable of more than ever...

What were you most skeptical about before training at Capital Strength?
"I didn't realize how much I didn't know about technique, recovery, and training efficiently. I grew up playing sports, so I thought I already knew how to get myself in tip-top shape. I was was wrong, and learned so much from training with Capital Strength."

What was life like before training at Capital Strength? What did you struggle with?
"Just before joining the gym, I was active, but didn't stay on any particular fitness path for long, and the results I wanted never came. I couldn’t seem to get the level of leanness I wanted. Nutrition and training effectiveness were the biggest struggles."

What specific results have you achieved?
"At 40, I'm the best version of me that I can remember. When I was younger, my joints might have felt a little less sore, but the things I can do now are so satisfying and surprising. I’m doing things I never thought possible...

I've lost over 20 pounds of fat since I joined, and over 80 pounds overall on my journey to get back in shape.

I’ve also gained a ton of strength and performance. I benched 225 for the first time at Capital, and have been able to keep that strength up while running multiple ultramarathons and climbing some epic routes and mountains."

What's been the biggest impact that Capital Strength has had?
"Overall health and satisfaction with my lifestyle performance. Capital’s been a huge help teaching me how to train safely with proper technique and keep workouts fun."

What have other people noticed or said about you that’s changed?
"My physical appearance is the thing that most people notice, but for me, it's the mental toughness that I've developed that I'm most happy with."

What’s your favorite thing or biggest surprise about Capital Strength?
"FUN. It's a great community of trainers and clients. Folks are supportive, fun, and welcoming."

To anyone on the fence about Strength Training, what would you tell them?
"I started out because I just wanted to get dialed in on technique. If you just want to spend a few sessions with a trainer to do that, DO IT. For me, 5 years later, I've realized that the accountability, variation of movement, and fun make it worthwhile to keep coming back for more."

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