Carey McNamara

Carey McNamara

Manager & Strength Coach

Carey began working in fitness in 2017 at North Carolina State University. She began working as a NASM Certified personal trainer in 2018 with her Bachelor’s in Applied Nutrition and Sports Science in 2019.


Carey is also a Licensed Massage Therapist, with her own practice, Molder & Forge, that allows her to address problems directly rather than approaching rehabilitation from a reactive method. Her methods are rooted in Trigger Point Therapy and posture rehabilitation.


Along with her professional background, in 2015 she achieved a 80-pound weight loss and successively gained 25 pounds of muscle over the next 2.5 years. She now holds a passion for body recomposition and pain management through strength-based training methods.


With a background in athletics, nutrition, and personally experiencing the stages of fat-loss and muscle gain, Carey holds a different perspective regarding training. She strives to help everyone feel comfortable in the gym and leave feeling motivated to challenge themselves when they are outside of the gym environment.