Achieving a Goal – From Start to Finish

Like many of you, I made a New Years Resolution.

There were a million different resolutions I wanted to make – clean my house every week like a real adult, eat out less, floss at least half as often as I tell my dentist I do, get jacked, etc, etc.

But in the end I decided to just stick with one.  After all, your chances of actually making a new behavior or habit stick are almost halved if you try to change two things at once rather than just sticking to one!  (It goes all the way down to FIVE percent if you try three new habits at once)

The goal I picked is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time – doing a full, 1-leg squat:

I mean, just look at how awesome that is.

So, this is the year that I will actually accomplish this.  This post serves a dual purpose.  Not only am I announcing to you an entertaining series of posts (likely filled with many videos of me falling on my butt), but I’m increasing my chances of accomplishing this goal as we speak.  There are a few factors that make achieving your goal more realistic, and most of them actually center around other people.

  1. Commit
  2. Be Accountable
  3. Receive Encouragement

I’ve just done #1 and #2 by posting about this on the internet.  The pressure is on!

Encouragement can come in many different forms.  After all, some people are incredibly motivated by competition and adversity while others are discouraged.  Take a minute to think about what kind of encouragement works for you – if you want friends to cheer you on, why not announce your goal to them?  Tasks 1-3 are taken care of.  Make sure that you keep them up to date on your progress; accountability can only work if you check in once in a while!

Here’s how I’m going to keep up with steps 1-3:

  1. I’m committing to complete a 1-leg squat by the end of the year.
  2. I will be accountable to everyone reading this – plus I already told almost everyone I know that this is actually going to happen.
  3. Hopefully my co-workers, clients and boyfriend will encourage me a couple times between laughing at how much I fall down.

What’s one habit, behavior or goal you want to accomplish this year?  Figure out your steps 1-3; next week we’ll go over how to plan for success!