Personal Trainer Tips: 5 Steps for Success

5 Tip for Success:  How To Stick To Your Goals and Transform Your Life

 How bad do you want it? How hard are you willing to work to change your life and your body? There are thousands of paths on the road to success, but choosing the right one and sticking to it can be too hard for most!

There’s an old saying: “If there’s a will there is a way.” Most people want to change. Most people want to look, feel, and perform better. Everybody says they want it, but not everyone has the will to stick to it. Do you?

Let’s start turning your goals into reality by follow these 5 tips…

1)    Know what you care about

If you want to look great shirtless, yes!  If you want to crush it on the court or the course, bingo!  If you want to preserve your quality of life for decades to come, nailed it!

Your goals are your goals, and nothing else matters.  Unfortunately you may be lured into other traps like chasing after things you think you want, but you secretly have no passion for.  This is not a good step because those ‘fake’ goals won’t be motivated by ego and vanity. These control our emotions, and unfortunately that is what motivates our strongest desires!

 Take some time to really pinpoint what you care about and make your goals congruent with that. Then frame that mental image in a place where you can revisit it frequently.

 2)    Take the first small step to get there.

 This is may be the hardest part.  Getting that first step done is what challenges the most people.

But just like getting a boulder rolling, or cleaning your long-overdue-to-be-cleaned garage, getting that first step done starts your momentum, and that momentum can take you to magical places. Overcoming inertia is one of the biggest obstacles, get good at getting started!

 3)    Develop a mantra.

Repeat this in your mind if you find yourself having a tough time.  “I’ve never done this before, and new things are challenging. If it wasn’t challenging, it would be easy. And, nothing good comes easily.’

Learn to love the feeling of challenge  because it is often the one true indicator that you are on the road to something better than what you have been. Get comfortable being uncomfortable!

4)    Find support and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

 No matter how ‘strong’ we are or how ‘tough’ we claim to be, we all need support, and not asking for help doesn’t make us a badass, it decreases our likelihood for success.

 The worst thing we can do for our goals is let them die because we were too proud to seek out help when we needed it.

 Answer this:  What’s more important to you, going to the grave never having accomplished your goals because of too much pride, or taking a step back and recognizing you need a hand, getting the help you need to accomplish your dreams?  Family, friends, coaches… all are good examples of this support.

 5)    Never lose hope.

 Hope is more than just a concept.  Hope is powerful because it generates motivation, and motivation accomplishes goals.

 The trick is, sometimes to keep that hope alive, you have to take the proper action.   Want to finally lose weight?  Talk to some people who have been there and keep in your mind how very possible it is!  They did it, why can’t you?

 Want a new career?  Never let your dream die.  Keep it alive (even if it’s on life support.)  You never know when that fateful moment will arrive and you’ll be able to capitalize on the opportunity of a lifetime.  The trick is keeping your dream alive until that moment arrives even in the face of adversity.

 How will you accomplish your goals in 2014?  Follow these 5 steps and generate the mindset, action, and support you need to get there.  Life is too short not to so let’s get going. Need help? Then contact us!