Personal Training Members of the Month: Casey & Brendan!

MotM Feb2014

The New Year – for many of us it means a time to get started on a fitness program or at least hop back on the wagon.  But this month we want to highlight two members whose consistency and dedication towards their health and fitness throughout the entire year (even the holidays!) has gotten them some amazing results.

Brendan and Casey have been clients at Capital Strength for almost a year, and they have the physical achievements to show for it!  Since training with our coaches, they’ve been able to hit personal records in all the big lifts – Brendan boasts a 250lb front squat – as well as impressive bodyweight control, like Casey’s ELEVEN full chin-ups! Here’s their secret to success: consistently training with a professional coach at Capital Strength twice a week!

Q&A with Casey Korinchock and Brendan McNamara


26 and 37, respectively


Healthcare Executive and Marketing Manager

How long have you been clients of Capital Strength and Conditioning?

We had our first session here on February 13th, 2013.

What got you interested in fitness?

Brendan: My past military career – and wanting to just be a general badass!

Casey: Brendan and I had a bet on whether I could get to 5 pull-ups.  (Which now that she’s gotten to 11, it’s probably safe to say she’s won that one)

Is there are difference between how you used to workout and how you workout now at Capital?

Casey: How I train now I have realized is very different from how I used to train in that I have a tailored program and another set of eyes watching every lift and exercise.  I’m much stronger than I used to be mostly in part to having all my weaknesses pointed out and then given instruction on how to correct them.  I’m more balanced and am hitting goals I never would have before thought possible.


How do you find the time to get your workouts in so consistently?

Brendan: Everything won’t fall perfectly into place everyday you need to workout – you have to make the time to do it.

Casey: Prioritize it, just like you wouldn’t cancel an important meeting.  Nothing is more important than your own health.

What is your favorite thing about working out at Capital Strength?

Brendan: The quality of instruction.  They really care about form and safety.  Progression is part of the programming.

Casey: Ditto.

What is your favorite and least favorite exercise?

Brendan: Front Squat is definitely my favorite (as his 250 pounds can attest to).  Least favorite is the Glute-Ham Raise.

Casey: I like deadlifts and double-unders, but my least favorite is overhead press.

What are your goals now?

Brendan: To lose ten pounds of pure fat!

Casey: I’d like to deadlift 175 pounds five times.  (She’s already at 1!)

What tips would you offer someone who’s interested in joining or just getting started?

Brendan: Qualified instruction is important.  Don’t layer your fitness on a bad foundation.  Make sure that your form is correct before trying to add more weight to it!

Casey: Go in with an open mind.  You might do things you’ve never seen or heard of before, but trust the coaches.

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