Personal Training Members of the Month: Courtney & Walker!

Improving your strength and fitness is hardly ever a journey without bumps and curves.  (Just like everything else in life!)

Our personal training members of the month, Courtney and Walker know this first hand.  Despite a knee injury during Crossfit training that required surgery and rehab, Courtney still makes fitness a priority in her life.  Working out together gives them the accountability that gets them in the gym three times a week!

While Crossfit days may be behind them, this dynamic duo still trains hard.  Lingering knee issues may make full-depth squats a pain, but it doesn’t stop Walker from deadlifting over 200 pounds for reps, or Courtney from pushing 300+ pounds on the sled.

We took a minute to ask them how they felt about training, staying consistent, and enjoying the process.

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Q&A with Walker and Courtney

What’s your Occupation?

Walker:  Assistant News Director at Time Warner Cable News, Raleigh

Courtney: CPA at my own firm

How long have you been training at Capital?  How did you train before coming here?

Walker: I think we started coming to SPX classes on September 10, 2013.  Both of us started going to a Crossfit gym in 2012 – but Courtney had to stop after injuring her knee and going through surgery.  I continued with Crossfit until early summer, 2013 – but it wasn’t as much fun without Courtney.  As she wrapped up her rehab work with Nick Outlaw, she and I did some work at Capital Strength – and it seemed like a good option to get back into regular exercise

Courtney: At Capital since about August; before I did personal training for 6 months with Nick Outlaw, which began after my knee injury at Crossfit.

How did you get first interested in your fitness?

Walker: Courtney and I were “active” during our high school years – Courtney as a cheerleader and a pool lifeguard…and I played varsity tennis and water-skiied in the summer…but we didn’t do a good job of staying active after marriage or while raising kids.  As the years and the extra weight added up, we knew we needed to find something we could stick with.  We were also inspired by our daughter and son’s involvement in Crossfit – and then Triathlons and a Tough Mudder.  I guess you could say their healthy lifestyles inspired us.

Courtney: Had been trying on and off for years, but finally, our children were adamant about our taking better care of ourselves

How do you find the time to get your workouts in so consistently? 

Walker: It’s good to be able to remind (“nag”) each other about workouts.  The late evening and weekend class options work well with our schedules – and Capital Strength is just down the street from my office, so that’s been a big help.

Courtney: I have to put it on the calendar or it doesn’t happen

What’s your favorite thing about working out with us at Capital? 

Walker: The small class size has been a plus, because trainers can catch and correct mistakes more quickly.  For our fitness level, and relative lack of experience with weightlifting, the trainers have been very patient with our questions – and spend a lot of time demonstrating the proper techniques.

Courtney: Best things: attentiveness, support, and genuine caring!

What is your favorite and least favorite exercise?

Walker: For me, the heavy sled push is the best – because it’s a challenging exercise that I can be very successful with.  The least favorite is any of the Ab exercise – since I’m still trying to find mine!

Courtney: Favorite: planks and lifting  Least Favorite: lunges and leg curls on exercise ball!

Is it difficult to workout around your injuries?  How do you do so?

Courtney: Yes – due to injury, I have to be conscientious about pain and over doing it – some things I just have to avoid – others, I try and modify

What tips would you offer someone who wanted to get started on their fitness, but was nervous to do so? 

Courtney: Just come in and try it out – no one is concerned about how much you can’t do – just what you can do to improve

Walker: Find that special motivation – whether it’s a weight-loss goal…working out with a friend or spouse…or wanting to still be around to see your kids get married and have children.  My father and grandfather were both overweight and both died of pancreatic cancer – I hope a healthier lifestyle will give me more years.