Personal Training Member of the Month: Connie Baker!

If you’ve been keeping up with our amazing members of the month, you may notice a recurring theme among all of them. Despite their different backgrounds, goals, and ability levels, each one shares this one common trait:


Connie has seen amazing weight loss results these past few months due to consistent training and consistency in her diet. Consistency doesn’t mean that every week has to be your best, or that you never take a vacation or go out to eat. Consistency is just showing up week in, and week out. I got to chat with Connie to learn a little bit about how she got started, how she finds the time to keep coming back, and what she’s liked best about her journey so far.

Q&A with Connie

Profession: MotM - August2014

Auditor with NC Division of Medical Assistance (Medicaid)

How long have you been training at Capital?  

Connie: I’ve been training for about 10 months. I started with 4 weeks of one-on-one sessions with Mike & then moved to the small group training 2 times per week. I actually just moved up to 3 SPX sessions per week! 

What kind of training did you do before coming to Capital?

Connie: I did triathlons for 6 years but stopped when I went back to school to finish my BS & MS while working full-time. Two years before to starting at Capital Strength, I did CrossFit for 12 months but stopped due to an overuse injury that took a full year to recover from. I tried working out on my own but just didn’t see any improvement in either strength or endurance.

How did you get first interested in your fitness? 

Connie: I wanted to regain the strength and fitness I had acquired from doing triathlons so I started researching personal training and gyms. I was looking for a facility where I would get personal attention, and I wanted the option to train with a small group. High quality, professional trainers were really important to me because want to avoid injury. When I read Capital Strength & Fitness’ reviews, I was immediately interested but it took me about a month of weighing the pros and cons before I finally contacted Matt.

How do you find the time to get your workouts in so consistently? 

Connie: I treat my workouts as an unbreakable commitment. There are plenty of convenient class times so I can always find one that fits my schedule, regardless of what else I have going on.

What’s your favorite thing about working out with us at Capital? 

Connie: It’s hard to pick one favorite thing. The workouts are challenging but if I have a limitation, the trainers always have a substitute exercise for me. The clients are great too. Everyone is very respectful and there’s a great sense of camaraderie. The trainers are true professionals who really care about the clients. It’s a really great environment – no one makes you feel uncomfortable, no matter what your fitness level is.

What is your favorite and least favorite exercise? 

Connie: My favorite is either deadlift or squat. Or maybe bench press. Or the prowler. I can’t decide! Least favorite is anything on a stability ball!

What tips would you offer someone who wanted to get started on their fitness, but was nervous to do so? 

Connie: The hardest part is walking in the door. Starting with a friend, partner, or spouse is a great idea. Everyone at Capital Strength is really friendly and welcoming so you won’t feel new for very long! Invest in some one-on-one personal training, especially if you’re new to fitness – it will really help your confidence.