Personal Trainer Techniques: Chin Up Progression

How To Get Your First Chin Up

Part 1: The Foot Assisted Rack Chin Up & Jump Chin Up
  • (00:29) Master the foot assisted rack chin up. Practice the range of motion by hanging all the way down under the bar with your arms straight, then come up, chin above bar, squeezing shoulder blades together back and down, chest up
  • (1:46) Demonstrating the jump chin up: jumping up to get over the bar, and coming down in a slow, controlled manner, until you get all the way down with arms straight.
Part 2: The Drop In Chin Up
  • (00:12) Demonstrating the drop in chin up: using a box to allow you to practice the range of motion needed for a chin up, by taking advantage of your stretch reflex.
Part 3: Trouble Shooting Weaknesses
  • Showing you the positions in which to practice the isometric hold, to strengthen the areas that will help you get a stronger chin up. Aim to hold each position for about 10-15 seconds, or longer if possible.
  • ​(00:35) Showing you how to do a jump chin up, going up to the bar about chin level and holding the position.
  • ​(00:48) Showing you the half-way (or 3/4) position, with elbows bent a little more than 90 degrees.
  • (00:58) Showing you the dead hang position.

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