5 Surprising Ways Group Fitness Will Change Your Life

Transform Your Body with Fitness Boot Camps and Semi Private Personal Training

When group training first became popular it was primarily composed of activities like spin, aerobics, core workouts, etc.. Nowadays, group workouts are more commonly based around weightlifting, metabolic conditioning, and other training modalities that are effective at transforming your body.

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Have you ever tried group training or fitness boot camps? If not, here’s what you’re missing:

 1. Get Inspired and Push Your Intensity

Working out alone is hard. When you train with a group you can cheer each other on and push each other through the hardest moments when all you want to do is quit. You’ll find the inspiration and motivation to reach your full potential

Research has shown that people who workout in a group perform better, have a higher pain tolerance and release more of endorphins, causing a greater sense of well being.

 2. Groups encourage consistency.

When you become part of a group and you are expected to be somewhere at a specific time, you are less likely to miss a workout. The more consistent you are with your attendance, the better your results will be and there is a greater likelihood that you will stick with the exercise program.

 Personal Trainer Clients3. Make new friends.

Working out in group is a great opportunity to meet new people and have fun!

Hard work can sometimes leave people in a vulnerable state. You get sweaty, you are tired and there can be a mental battle at certain points during your workout. When you reveal these details about yourself and display a certain amount of vulnerability, there is a better chance you will build lasting relationships with the people you are revealing yourself to. This can help build trusting relationships and fellowship!

 4. Motivation in other areas of your life.

When you make the commitment to exercise consistently you are much more likely to exhibit healthier habits. You might start to eat healthier, get more sleep at night and/or take better care of your overall health.

When you surround yourself with people with the same or similar goals, it gives you a fantastic support system to take the necessary steps in order to transform your body.

 5. Get professional personal training at an affordable price.

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Many people have a budget that they must adhere to. One on one personal training might not be in line with your budget, but group training is an effective and affordable alternative. That being said, private training is still recommended to people that are completely new to working out or have complications from previous injuries that require greater individual attention from a trainer.

The primary reasons people hire a personal trainer are to have a professional create a workout, make sure they are executing it correctly, acquire results and provide the accountability they need to achieve those results. These are all provided in a group workout and you get the team atmosphere to add another layer of motivation and accountability.