Tips To Get Back on Track After Easter

A long weekend of overindulgence, skipped workouts, and way too many chocolate eggs later...and here we are, feeling a lot heavier than we did last week and wondering why our self control mechanism never kicked in when we were handed those sugary Easter treats.

Today is Easter Monday, and if you're like most people, you might be experiencing a few fitness setbacks, and some remorseful thoughts looking back at the calories consumed over the weekend. 

BUT, it's not too late to get your beach body back on track!
With a few tips & tricks, you can minimize the damage and hop back on your fitness journey. So, check them out and get started now! ↓

  • Get rid of the candy!!
    Throw away (or give away) any leftover Easter Candy ASAP.
    No one wants to waste food, but you are not doing yourself any favors by keeping these tempting candies around.
    I don't know about you, but when I have candy sitting in my pantry, it increases my cravings for sweets and decreases my willpower. So if you're looking to start fresh, getting rid of temptation is the way to go!
  • Beware of skipping Meals
    Just because you fell off the fitness wagon over the weekend doesn't mean you should starve yourself to make up for it.
    Skipping meals can lead to more cravings and then overeating. Instead, just try to get back to eating balanced, healthy meals. Consuming enough protein and veggies at each meal should make you feel fuller and will help you eat less calories and create a deficit to make up for overeating over the weekend. 
  • Don't Weigh Yourself
    Chances are, those numbers will be less than satisfying, which is expected after a carb-loaded weekend. You're probably experiencing some water retention, which will skew the numbers on the scale anyway. Instead of feeling down about a small setback, just focus your energy on making sure you're getting your workouts in and are eating right. Just weight yourself next week to track your progress.
  • Get back on your workout routine ASAP
    Experiencing a small weight-gain can make us feel self conscious and cause us to avoid the thing we need the most: exercise.
    And we all know that the longer the time off, the harder it is to start back. If you've had a setback, now is the time to get back on the horse and train up! It will help you burn off calories, build muscle, release those endorphins and feel awesome!

Following these guidelines will help you minimize those Easter weekend setbacks and launch you right back into shape.
Beach season is right around the corner so let's get you back in the game and on your way to a lean & toned body!