2015 Holiday Survival Guide – Part 4: “How To Stay Active During the Holidays”

Exercise is the first thing people cut out when they get busy, and the holiday season is notorious for empty gyms.

The increased caloric intake that comes with all the sugary temptations, means that burning those extra calories is more important than ever!

This year, try to do something different to ensure you prioritize your fitness and don’t lose your hard-earned gains!
Instead of promising yourself you’ll do it, you need to promise to others so that you won’t drop the ball.

Planning and accountability are key to your success.

  1. Sign up to work with a trainer, or join a class!
    This is a great solution to keep you accountable and make sure you don’t back out on your fitness goals! You’ll power through the Holidays and be in better shape than ever by New Year’s. (while everyone else’s waistlines are expanding around you!)
  2. Get an exercise buddy.high-5
    Find a friend to workout with, you will keep each other accountable and motivated! It’s harder to cancel a workout when someone’s counting on you.
  3. Get those 10,000 steps a day.
    Walking is great because you can do it anywhere.
    Try to increase your movement and reach those 10K steps. Make it a fun competition with friends and family to see who will reach their daily goal first!
  4. Traveling for the Holidays and don’t have access to a gym?
    Let bodyweight workouts be your ally!
    it’s a  great way to substitute that skipped training session, and you can do it from anywhere. Here’s a quick “Hotel Bodyweight Workout” with video,
    and some other simple body workout ideas!

No excuses this year!