Personal Training Member of the Month: Rehan Munir!

February’s honorary client is someone you’ll find in our evening classes – methodically getting through each workout with dedication and a focus towards his goals. We asked Rehan what keeps him striving forward, even with a busy professional life:

Q&A with Rehan


Software Engineer – so many long hours of sitting.

How long have you been training at Capital?

Rehan: I have been training at Capital since May 2014. Before joining Capital, I was going to gym at my apartment building and YMCA group classes.

How did you first get interested in fitness?

Rehan: My whole life I’ve always been a ‘skinny guy’ – so I wanted to gain weight and build lean muscles! I started proper working out in 2011 and since then it has become essential part of my life.

How do you find the time to be so consistent with your training?

Rehan: I like staying active and it helps me to be more energetic and productive at work. I feel bad if I miss my gym.

What’s your favorite thing about working out with us at Capital?

Rehan: It has been an amazing experience at Capital. Before joining to Capital, I was doing everything wrong to gain weight. Here I had learned difference between strength training and conditioning. Also November food log challenge helped me to track my calories. Now I keep a food journal everyday and it actually helped me to gain weight.

All the coaches at Capital are knowledgeable, experienced and helpful. I appreciate patience of Michael Richard to teach me about Kettlebell swing, I had hard time to perform this exercise correctly. At many times Matt and Brian Short gave me tips about the correct form for Bar Squats.

What’s your favorite and least favorite exercise so far?

Rehan: My favorite one is YTW (as I call it, it stands for “You’re Too Weak to do this” such a motivation!) My least favorite is Split Squats.

What kind of advice would you give someone who wanted to train, but wasn’t sure they were ready?

Rehan: A few tips that helped me:

  1. Set your goal (losing/gaining weight),
  2. Educate yourself (right training, when and how much of macro-nutrients should be taken),
  3. Keep a food journal,
  4. Be Consistent,
  5. Be Patient