Personal Trainer Tips: T-Bar Row

Master the movement

T-Bar Rows

Grow a bigger & stronger back with this functional compound movement 

Build total body strength and power with a stronger back! Use this row variation to target your traps, lats, rear delts, core and more.

How to Preform T-Bar Rows

Step 1

Put a barbell in the landmine attachment of the power rack.

Step 2

Attach your desired handle and add your weights.

Step 3

Set-up with your feet straddling the barbell at about shoulder width and grab the handles.

Step 4

Open your chest, pull your shoulders down and back, and take a breath in to brace. Keep your back neutral throughout the movement.

Step 5

Pull the barbell by driving your elbows to your hips and squeeze your shoulder blades together while you exhale.

Step 6

Lower the bar back down until your arms are extended and take another breath.

Pro-Tip: Increasing Range of Motion

Use Smaller Weights

Using plates that are smaller in diameter can allow you to bring the bar closer to your torso. Try using 25 and 10 pounds metal plates.

Add Platforms Under Your Feet

Putting platforms under your feet can allow for more hinging and a longer stretch at the base of the movement. 

Attachment Comparison


focus on overloading the back

Pulling closer to the hip with elbows close to the torso

Most Engaged Muscles

Latissimus dorsi



Erector spinae

Wide Prone

focus on grip work

and Upper Back

Pulling closer to mid abdomen with elbows further from the torso

Most Engaged Muscles



Rear Deltoids

Latissimus dorsi