Personal Trainer Tips: Get Enough Sleep!

Usually the first thing to go when life gets hectic or busy is our sleep! If you want to maximize your performance in the gym, athletic arena, or life; getting your Z’s is a must.

Sleep too much –> Miss out on life.
Sleep too little –> Mess up your life.
Adequate Sleep = Your full potential unleashed.

While sleep requirements vary from person to person, studies show that most adults need 7-9
hours of sleep in a 24 hour cycle. Getting enough amount of sleep can:

Improve memory and learning
During sleep your mind practices the skills and memorizes the information that was learned
while you were awake. This process is called consolidation. So practice, sleep, and wake up a better you!

Improve concentration and focus
Proper sleep boosts alertness and increases concentration spans. This improves your
productivity by helping you perform your tasks better and faster.

Help lose fat and gain muscle
It is during sleep that your muscles repair, allowing them to get bigger and stronger. Moreover,
proper sleep keeps you energized, making you less prone to skip gym sessions due to tiredness.

Reduce stress levels
Sleep allows your body to recover and regenerate. Stress comes in many forms, and if you want to adapt and overcome; sleep is going to be your biggest ally.

Help cure depression
Sleep deprivation and depression are correlated: depression leads to sleep deprivation, and sleep deprivation aggravates depression. Fulfilled sleep improves your mood and makes you feel happier overall, which prevents you from entering prolonged periods of depression. Therefore, it is important to get sufficient sleep in order to break this vicious cycle of gloom.

So please don’t let a lack of sleep affect your work, health, and relationships. Sleep like a baby, and enjoy life!