2017 Holiday Survival Guide – Part 1: “Calorie Control Strategies”

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! The excitement of family gatherings, the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon is in the air.. and of course, the big dinner: turkey, ham, casseroles and pies.pies

Tell me your mouth isn’t already salivating just picturing that dinner table!

With the excitement of the holidays comes a whole lot of indulgence, and this is where weight-gain season begins!
It pretty much starts now, and will run straight into the New Year.

This is your opportunity to prepare for what’s coming your way in the next two months, and that is:
The opportunity to expand that waistline you’ve worked so hard for.
The chance to be a Holidays warrior, to use our tips & tricks to stay fit while enjoying the festivities!

The choice is YOURS.

Now is the time to plan, so that you will be armed with the right tools when it’s time to fill up your plate.

So let’s take this moment to outline some strategies that will keep you safe from the holiday bulge, and ensure you’ll look great at that New Year’s Eve party!
Part One: “Calorie Control Strategies”
The holidays offer ample opportunities to indulge, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to eat until the point of being uncomfortable – we want you to enjoy the festivities and your favorite seasonal treats without throwing away your fitness goals (and passing out at the dinner table).
With a little moderation and selection you can do just that. So no more bloated feeling and sleepiness! let’s hammer down some guidelines before you dive down the buffet line!

  • holiday-cookieDon’t bring candies and cookies to the office or to parties. You know what’s leftover will come home with you and you’ll end up eating far more than you intended to. This year, do everyone a favor by not gifting fattening treats, but perhaps make some healthy ones instead!
  • When faced with a buffet line, load your plate with greens. Vegetables and lean meats come first, and THEN go for the breads and heavier foods (if you have room).
  • Drink water with your meal and try to keep alcoholic beverages to a 2-drink maximum.
  • Beware of holiday drinks – most are brimming with calories. Hot drinks from coffee shops, cocktails at parties and creamy eggnog are all very enjoyable aeggnognd all filled with tons of empty calories! Try to stick with hot tea, unsweetened coffee or water.
  • Everywhere you go, you will be faced with a plates of sweets. We know you don’t wanna be a bore and say no, but keep that waistline in mind! so try the “one treat” rule. Just have one, and enjoy it slowly.

You don’t have to gain weight this holiday season. The key is your mindset.

If you approach the holidays with the mindset of, “I deserve to indulge and I’m too busy to exercise” then you’ll enter 2018 a few pounds heavier, a little less healthy, and with lower energy levels than before.

You deserve better! How about entering this new year in better shape than you are today, healthier than you’ve been in a long time, and with more energy than you thought possible? Let’s do this!