The Capital Strength Travel Workout

A simple yet POWERFUL workout that keeps you on track and burns massive calories—And you can do it anywhere!

The #1 cause of lack of results is inconsistency.
When you fall off your training, your gains are quickly diminished.
And if you're a busy professional or always on the go with the family—travel away from your favorite gym can happen frequently.

Here's some good news! When approached correctly, your travel time can benefit rather than hurt your training.

That's why the Capital team and I designed the ultimate workout template that you can do practically anywhere.

The Capital Strength Travel Workout

4 Rounds

A. .25 Mile Sprint, Run, Incline Walk, or 10-25 Goblet Squats

B. 10-25 Push ups or DB Press Variation (Overhead, Flat or Incline Bench)

C. 10-25 DB RDLs, 1 Leg RDLs, KB/DB Swings, or other Hip Hinge

D. 10-25 Chin Ups, Lat Pulldowns, Cable Rows, or 1 Arm DB Rows

E. 30”-1’ Plank or 10-25 Warrior Sit-ups

Adjust weight or reps to match desired intensity level. Rest as needed. Do this workout 1-3 times if you’re traveling for 5-7 days.  Ideally at least 1 rest day between workouts.

Details and Notes

At the end of the 4 rounds, you'll have accomplished:

  • 1 Mile Run/Walk or 40-100 Goblet Squats
  • 40-100 Push Ups or other pressing movement
  • 40-100 Chin ups or other pulling movement
  • 40-100 RDLs, Swings or other hip hinge movement
  • 2-4 Minutes of core work or 40-100 Warrior Situps

This workout is designed to flexibly fit your equipment, time, and level of advancement.

Most hotels have an onsite gym with treadmills, a few machines, and a light set of dumbbells.
You can also do this workout with no gear by running outside and using body-weight or handy items for resistance. 

Depending on your fitness level, The Capital Travel Workout will take you about 30-60 minutes. 

It will be just what's needed to improve or maintain your results.

BONUS: Travel Nutrition

Traveling can be a big challenge when following a specific nutrition plan!

If you’ve been strict lately, consider allowing yourself to take a diet break and enjoy your vacation.

This doesn’t mean going off the deep-end by crushing the buffet line with max effort eating. 

Taking a 3-7 day break to eat at maintenance calories can be a great way to keep you on track for the long haul. This can help normalize hormones and your metabolic rate.

Alternatively, to keep up your progress, just make smart decisions! Fill your plate up with lean meats, steamed vegetables, and keep the processed carbs to a minimum. Eat salads with dressing on the side and only use a smidge.

ProTip: Limit your alcohol to 1-2 drinks and stick with lighter options like vodka + diet soda or ultra-light beers. At the very least, alternate every alcoholic drink with 12-16oz of high quality h2o.

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