Over 40? You may be losing muscle daily.

Discover how a few simple yet powerful habits will help you keep up with your (grand)kids, reclaim your drive, and rebuild a body that keeps on going—without having to take risky medications or steroids. 

Strength Training, Metabolic Conditioning, and Proper Nutrition have proven to be the most effective things you can do reverse the affects of age and live a long, healthy, functional life. Proper training does more than just make you stronger and burn calories. It transforms you inside and out. It can add decades of high quality years to your life without risky pharmaceuticals. AND, you can have fun while doing it.

Time Stops For No Man

For centuries, it's been man's mission to fight getting older. Unfortunately there is no magic pill that can stop the clock—but there are some seriously effective ways to optimize your health and fitness. It's possible to look and feel better than you did even a decade ago. Here's how...

First—STOP Losing Muscle!

Everyday your body adapts to what you expose it to. If you're sedentary—at a desk—all day your posture will morph in to a hunch-back creature known as the desk jockey. The metabolic machinery in your cells slow down, while your energy level and drive starts to decline. Your muscle slowly withers away, while your bones start to become brittle—because you aren't giving it a reason to stick around or grow.

Sounds depressing right?

After the ​age of 40 is when we rapidly lose muscle, strength, and start feeling the effects of time.
But this can start happening even as early as your 30's.

This phenomenon, known as sarcopenia, is the biggest cause of functional decline and loss of independence as you age.
On top of muscle loss, you also lose range of motion and flexibility. Your athleticism declines and your likelihood of injury sky rockets.​  You simply get less effective at moving through life.

This is very bad news if you want to lead a long, active and healthy lifestyle. 

The Stats of Age & Muscle Loss:​

  • ​After age 40 you begin to lose ~0.5% muscle mass per year
  • After age 50 you lose 1-2% muscle mass per year
  • After age 60 you lose up to 3% muscle mass per year

There is a way to combat this decline—and it's simpler than you may think.​..

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Use It or Lose It

Your ability to move heavy objects, recover from physical stress, and heal from stress & disease are all affected by how much muscle you carry.

In fact, lean body mass has been found to be one of the most reliable predictors of longevity and quality of life.

Your body adapts specifically to the environment you expose it to.
Every day of inactivity, or complacency, is one day closer towards decline.

On the flipside, every day with physical training and proper nutrition puts you on the path towards growth and development.

Which path do you want to be on?

What's the most effective way to stop muscle loss and age related decline? 

  • Strength Training 2-4 times per week with free weights using full range of motion. Most effectively done with squats, deadlifts, bench pressing, chin ups and all the big compound movements that stimulate your total body.
  • Consuming adequate protein from high quality sources. As we age, our ability to digest protein downgrades. This means you need more of it, in higher qualities. A good number is 40g of protein after workouts, and roughly 30% of your calories from protein.
  • Targeted Metabolic Conditioning using both intervals and light steady state activity. 2-3 bouts of High Intensity Interval Training and daily walking or light physical activity is critical for health. It strengthens your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, allows your lymphatic system to flow, and even increases cognition and mood.

Your specific training program should be custom tailored to your needs and individual goals.
And, that's where working with experienced professionals pays off.
Utilizing the expertise of a personal trainer can help shave off months of frustration spinning your wheels.

You know it's important to work hard.  But working smart AND hard is where the real results are created.
That's where a seasoned professional can help.

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