How To Find Personal Training in Raleigh, NC

It seems that on almost every street corner in Raleigh a gym, fitness club, or personal training center has popped up. Ads on TV sell the latest workout DVDs. There seems to be an endless stream of products to lose fat fast; and its painfully obvious that it’s too good to be true. Finally, at some point, we look in the mirror and decide that it’s time to take action and change our body for the better! But where do you start and who can help you?

One easy step is to check out your local gym or personal training center. If you’ve ever set foot in a typical commercial gym, you know the staff is very eager to sell you one of their personal training packages. Their sales pitch will probably leave you with a few unanswered questions… Do you really need a personal trainer? Isn’t it possible get a good workout by yourself? Are trainers even worth the extra cost?

The Answer: It Depends

The value of hiring a trainer will depend on many factors. What are your goals? What’s your level of commitment? How quickly do you want to see results?  What type of training do you want to pursue? Do you have any specific conditions or circumstances that will affect your physical activity?

Having an expert to guide you, and provide the most effective methods, can be a tremendous value. It has been said that ignorance is bliss; but when you are trying to achieve your goals, ignorance can mean spinning your wheels or getting injured! This is why hiring a trainer can be the missing link to achieving your athletic and fitness potential.

A personal trainer can help you develop an optimal training plan, set up a diet that is aligned with your goals, coach proper movement technique, and give you the support to stay on track!

You Don’t Always Get What You Pay For

One often overlooked, yet very important, factor is the quality of your trainer. The price, expertise and ability of a personal trainer can vary dramatically. The sad fact is many commercial gyms  and fitness centers do not control the quality of their trainers.

Getting certified is easier than you think, and looks can be deceiving! Most corporate gyms are more concerned about profits than the results of their members; resorting to lower cost part-time employees who lack passion and dedication to becoming a true training professional.

Make sure you are getting your money’s worth and holding your trainer to a high standard… Find someone dedicated to your success and is passionate enough to master the art of training!

What Can You Expect From A High Quality And Professional Personal Trainer?

Here is the short list of what you should expect from a  personal trainer:

  • Safe and Logical Exercise Programming – A competent trainer will intelligently write out a plan for your training program. Making progress is more than randomly working out. Maximizing results happens you when do the right things at the right time!
  • Complete Movement Instruction – A personal trainer should be able to explain, demonstrate, and coach up every movement they prescribe. There is inherent risk with exercise, and a trainer should mitigate it. Not make it worse! A great trainer knows how to teach and scale movements so their client can learn it fast and safely.
  • Motivation and Role Modeling – Your trainer should help bring out the best in you! Either by example or encouragement. When you are working with them, you should be excited and motivated to keep working hard, and leave feeling great! Does your trainer LOOK and ACT the part?
  • Accountability and Homework – To get results you have to be consistent and accountable, inside and out of the gym! The best personal trainers give their clients homework. This can include nutrition guidelines and tips, corrective exercise drills, or other activities to improve fitness and wellness.

In Conclusion, everyone who wants to take control of their fitness, improve their athletic performance, and optimize their health can benefit from working with the right personal trainer. We can help you save time, keep you safe, and motivate you to reach levels that you didn’t think possible!

If you are looking for the best personal trainers in Raleigh, NC, at a great value; come in for a free trial and consultation at Capital Strength & Conditioning!

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