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Matt McLaughlin is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Personal Trainer,  CPR/AED certified by the American Red Cross, and a certified Functional Movement Screen Level 1 Specialist. Through years of personal experience and study, he provides fitness expertise, strength coaching and nutritionalconsulting to give you the edge in your training.

Matt takes a no-nonsense approach to training and development. He aims to provide the most effective methods to build strength, transform the body, and increase performance. By approaching training as an eternal student, he never stops learning and applying the latest and most effective training methods.

Matt graduated from NC State University in 2007 and has spent the last several years coaching and training his clients to reach their fitness and athletic goals. He has experience working with D-1 college athletes, baby boomers, and many people in between. Taking an individual approach to all his clients, Matt truly believes that the best fitness program is the one that you can stick to and find enjoyment in. By specializing in mobility and strength training, he will teach you how to look, feel and perform better!

Matt doing a big press


[headline title = “Mike Richards” subtitle = “Strength Coach and Personal Trainer”]MikeRichards

Michael Richards graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a B.S. in Kinesiology. He is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist(CSCS), is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach (Pn1), Training for Warriors Level 1 Coach, and is CPR/AED certified by the American Red Cross. He has also interned in the Strength and Conditioning Departments for both the University of Massachusetts and Holy Cross College.

mikerichards500lbsMichael has also had experience competing in Powerlifting and Strongman. Michael is previously New Hampshire’s Strongest Man and has competed nationally in North America’s Strongest Man.

Michael’s training philosophy is that everyone should train like an athlete. Each program he makes is completely individualized to your strengths and weaknesses. He has had great success working with varying populations, from athletes to retirees. Michael attributes much of this success to his passion for coaching and his desire to continually learn and always improve himself. Michael promises each of his clients that he will help them get stronger, healthier, and pain free in their daily lives.



[headline title = “Katherine Whitfield” subtitle = “Strength Coach and Personal Trainer”]

Kat comes from a long background in sports and athletics, bringing with her a passion for educating others about the benefits of


a strong exercise program and the confidence it builds. A graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science, Kat holds a personal training certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine.

Before coming to Capital S&C, Kat worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for several years, serving clients with a wide variety of needs. With clients ranging from ages 9 to 77, she has helped each find their inner athlete and bring them to accomplish their goals and beyond. Her training philosophy holds strength first, and that each movement you’re given in the gym should have a purpose.

KatSquatHaving always been involved in athletics, during high school Kat was a state-level swimmer and in college a member of a nationally-ranked Ultimate Frisbee team. She presently trains and competes in Powerlifting and has trained alongside world-record holding power lifters and top strength athletes.




[headline title = “Randy Griggs” subtitle = “Strength Coach and Personal Trainer”]

Randy Griggs is a recent graduate from North Carolina State University in Biology. His focus of study included: anatomy, physiology, neurobiology, and metabolism pertaining to the human body. Also a long time tutor—Randy possesses the ability to explain tough concepts in a easy-to-understand manner. After graduating, Randy obtained a Certified Personal Trainer certification via the American College of Sports Medicine as well as CPR/AED certification through American Red Cross.

Using a self-taught, self-implemented workout plan, paired with intense research into running efficiency; he achieved new athletic personal bests (4:26 mile, sub-50 second 400m, 4.46 40-yard dash) and has mastered speed training down to a concise science. With his solid knowledge base of metabolism and nutrition – Randy can optimize and customize your training and nutrition to ensure your valuable time isn’t wasted.

Randy with the assist

With a high-motor and extraordinary intensity in the weight-room, Randy can help you reach within yourself to bring out 100% of your potential; be it an aesthetic or performance based goal.

[headline title = “Brian Haimes” subtitle = “Strength Coach and Personal Trainer”]


Brian Haimes is a Health Fitness Instructor certified through the American College of Sports Medicine, a top tier certifying body in the fitness industry.  He received his undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sport Science from UNC-Chapel Hill, and an MBA from UNC – Greensboro.
A passion for well-living, fitness and strength are a means to obtain a higher quality of life.  Brian enjoys the pursuit of new and practical methods of vastly improving the quality of life for clients.

His pastimes include outdoor fitness, golf, basketball, and talking fitness and strength!  He is new to Raleigh, having relocated here in December of 2013 from El Salvador, and can’t wait to begin again helping people live longer, happier, more enjoyable lives here in Raleigh, NC.