Member Spotlight: Isaac L.

Member Spotlight: Isaac

Isaac is a student at Ravenscroft High School and is a member of the Varsity Wrestling team. 
He is one of our valued members and regularly trains with us, in both group sessions as well as one-on-one personal training.

At just 16, his dedication and will to succeed inspires us all. We have watched him make incredible progress these past few months, and we are confident that this upcoming wrestling season will be his best yet due to the hard work he has been putting in the gym!

Q: How long have you been a member here at Capital Strength?
A: I joined 5 months ago.

Q: Why did you decide to join Capital Strength?
A: I started strength training to improve my wrestling performance and become more successful on the mat.
I felt that I was hitting a wall, where I was losing to many of my opponents due to differences in strength.
It was at that point I decided to get stronger, so that I could win more.

Q: What results have you seen since you started training with us?
A: During my training, I have seen exponential increases in my strength, with my squat having increased by 50 lbs, and my other compound lifts also substantially increasing in weight. My body has become leaner, I have more muscle, and I have found that my arms have gotten bigger also.
I’m really proud of my results so far, and look forward to my continued progress!

Q: Would you recommend Capital Strength to your friends and family?
A: Yes, I would definitely recommend Capital Strength to my friends and family. Particularly my Dad, he would love the friendly environment.
The atmosphere is full of encouragement and fun!