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"Work with us to achieve your fitness goals and experience real personal training that gets results. Guaranteed.

My promise to you: If you are not 100% satisfied with us for any reason, at any time, you can call me personally at 910-554-9733 and I will make it right for you."

-Matt McLaughlin

Avg 5.0 Stars 
Over 331 Reviews

Avg 5.0 Stars
Over 124 Reviews

here's What Capital Strength Clients are saying

New Mom Finally Finds Her Fitness

"...If you’re looking to invest in real training that'll teach you life-long skills to stay fit and healthy... progressing past your plateaus… Capital Strength is your gym!"

"Capital Strength taught me what I was missing. It taught me proper technique, correct form specific to compound weight lifting, and how to progress and improve on a program getting stronger each workout.

That’s why Capital Strength is unique—they keep the classes small so that trainers have time to help each client... So if you’re looking to invest in real training that'll teach you life-long skills to stay fit and healthy... progressing past your plateaus... Capital Strength is your gym!"

- Catherine F.

Military Officer Increases Performance

"...I’ve had personal trainers in Miami, California, Brazil, and North Carolina. Without any question, my experience at Capital Strength has been the highest quality."

"I've been a member of the United States Department of Defense for the last 15 years. My goal is to train SMARTER and harder, while understanding the aging process on my muscular development as I approach my late 30’s and 40’s.

I’ve had personal trainers in Miami, California, Brazil, and North Carolina. Without any question, my experience at Capital Strength has been the highest quality. The Capital Strength coaches have an awesome ability to articulate the movement of the muscles that allows you to understand and give you the confidence to perform the exercise in the correct manner.

The emphasis on form and technique has brought certain exercises into a new light for me. This has been big in helping me getting confident by learning how to properly align my body in order to perform the exercise without hurting myself."

- John M.

Small Biz Owner Focuses On Her Health

"...I look forward to my sessions every week, and even feel a little sad when I go too many days in between them..."

"Matt trains me in a way that is effective, safe, and fun. He pushes me to try things I'm afraid to, but is super respectful of my boundaries when I don't think something is working for me, or if it's causing pain.

I've never done such challenging workouts without a single injury, and my fitness is better than it's ever been."

- Laura S.

Young Pro Achieves Body Recomposition

"I’ve never seen another gym like Capital Strength..."

"The semi-personal training is really unique and a great environment. Even if it’s a totally full class and we’re all at different paces, the instructor can still focus on our form well and correct us. I feel like I always have a personal trainer there for me. Even big classes feel like my own personal training session every time!

I’ve completely changed my body composition... I haven’t lost weight, but I look much leaner & toned and feel amazing. My nutritional awareness is so much better and I have so much more energy. And of course, my strength has improved greatly. I used to not even be able to squat the bar. It’s like a competition with yourself, which is a cool feature of weightlifting..."

- Nicole P.

Grad Student Gets EVEN Stronger

"...I joined because one of the fastest ways to grow is from the knowledge of others. My favorite part of Capital Strength is tapping into the minds of the coaches..."

"I came to this gym in July 2017 with a clear goal in mind: 315 bench, 405 squat, 500 deadlift with form that would pass in an IPF powerlifting meet and this Capital Strength has beyond exceeded my expectations in pushing me towards this goal.

From the first workouts they taught me queues and points of focus that dramatically improved my form and performance on lifts. By joining this gym you aren't paying to use the equipment, but you are investing the knowledge and skill sets that will help you overcome your plateaus at an accelerated rate."

- Alex N.

She Lost Weight AND Toned Muscle

"...In just the two months: I have lost 8 lbs, observed a noticeable difference in muscle tone and how my clothes fit, I am the strongest I’ve ever been, I’ve got more energy than I’ve had in years..."

"From day one, Capital Strength stood out to me as more than “a gym”. The team has developed a community of positive learning, improving, and a support system for a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

The coaches are knowledgeable, passionate about what they do, and truly committed to helping members achieve their fitness goals. They've taken the time to get to know me, my personal goals, what motivates me and uses it to challenge me to achieve more than I thought I could.

The workouts are well planned, there is a positive vibe as soon as you walk through the door, the coaching staff takes the time to teach to whatever level you are at. "

- Kate B.

Couple Trains & Gets Healthy Together

"...This gym provides encouragement from great coaches without any of the gimmicks..."

"We chose Capital because we wanted a gym that would challenge and push us outside our comfort zone. Kate had never lifted a barbell before joining Capital. This gym provides encouragement from great coaches without any of the gimmicks.

Since joining we've experienced constant gains with our lifts. Aside from the physical benefits, we've both noticed a boost in our mood too! With Capital we’re getting stronger every week. Lifting weight that neither of us had never come close to while working out on our own."

- Kate & Blake