Semi-Private Training Overview:

Our most popular service, providing high value personal training in a semi-private small group format.
These sessions have an attendance ratio limit of 8 or 15 clients to 1 coach, depending on the class type. This ensures that each client receives the attention and guidance needed for a safe and effective workout.

This semi-private group format allows us to keep our prices lower by spreading the cost of a well qualified personal trainer over multiple clients. In other words, you get the expertise of a high quality pro at the best price possible.
This is how we provide the best value in personal training in Raleigh, NC!

Each class is an effective blend of Strength Training, Athletic Conditioning, Mobility Work, Fat Loss Protocols, and Lean Muscle Building Methods. Through intelligent programming and carefulplanning, each workout is designed to complement the other workouts for the rest of the week, while providing an effective session on its own. Each client’s progress is tracked on our grid board, making sure you are always advancing!

  • Flexible Scheduling – You are free to jump in to any open Semi-Private Training classes that are offered throughout the day. RSVP early to ensure your spot!
  • Small Groups of 8 or 15 on 1 – Get motivated with a fun group and customized training session with a real fitness professional. Group size is limited to provide adequate instruction.
  • 2 Variations of Semi-Private Training– We offer 2 training options: Strength Training and  Metabolic HIT
    Get the workout you need to achieve the goals you desire!

The small group format adds an aspect of camaraderie to the workouts. It will help motivate you to push just a little bit further than you would on your own!

Our classes are for all trainees, at any stage. If working in a group intimidates you, or if you are brand new to strength training, we recommend that you begin with 1-on-1 Private Personal Training, to introduce you to the proper training methods.

Strength Training

An 8-on-1, 60-minute semi-private training session primarily focused on improving your strength on the main compound lifts while also prioritizing the development of overall muscular symmetry and tone. Sessions will consist of a variety of strength, powerlifting, and bodybuilding components to achieve optimal results of both training styles.

If your goal is to be the strongest you’ve ever been while having a well-balanced, toned, and aesthetic physique, then Strength Training is for you!

Metabolic HIT

A Semi-Private Training session combining sprinting, cardio conditioning, high intensity intervals and circuits, with the camaraderie of a team; we create a workout that’s perfect for anyone who’s looking to get in shape while having fun!

You will be rewarded with increased muscle tone, decreased body fat, and a new athletic you! With our one of a kind astro-turf area, you can get year-round, butt kicking sessions. Rain, snow, or shine! The Metabolic HIT class is for all fitness level, so don’t be afraid to try it if you are just getting started!

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