At Capital Strength & Conditioning, it is our mission to provide the service, methods, and environment to enable you to become your best.

In the sports arena or on the beach, we can unlock your potential!

We approach each member as an individual with unique goals and aspirations. With that in mind, we design and customize each training and nutrition program for our members.

Anyone can smoke a client with a workout. Our training is not designed to simply wear you out and make you sore. That style of training is inefficient, ineffective and can lead to serious overuse injuries.

jonsquatthumb2We guarantee that every session you have with us is programmed to achieve a specific goal, with safety and long term results in mind.

The moment you walk through our door, you will know that we are serious about training and keeping our promises. From the hand selected equipment to the motivating atmosphere; this is the place to be for proper training.

Stress from work and stir-craziness from inactivity can take its toll on your well being. Our staff is dedicated to creating workouts and building an environment that will be the best part of your day!

What you can expect from us:

  • Effective training methods based on science and firsthand experience.
  • An atmosphere that is exciting, enjoyable, and motivating.
  • Commitment to solving your unique athletic and fitness needs.
  • Continual improvement and education.


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