Elisha Johnson

Personal & Athletic Coach

Elisha is a certified personal trainer through The National Academy of Sports Medicine and has over ten years of experience with training small to large group classes of dance, gymnastics, strength training, and metabolic conditioning. She also trains one-on-one clients of all different ages.

Ever since she was a child, her athleticism grew and lead her to become a professional dance choreographer and fitness instructor. She has trained dancers who have appeared on shows such as America's Next Best Dance Crew, So You Think You Can Dance, and World of Dance.

Elisha graduated ECPI University with a degree in nursing. Her experience in the medical field motivated her to help prevent others from being diagnosed with cardiac health diseases, diabetes, and even those who are battling depression.

With the right focus and mindset, starting your journey through physical fitness and nutrition will improve your lifestyle. 

"Noticing a smile on a client's face in knowing that they have worked hard, witnessing their capability of performing exercises they haven't done before, and seeing them push themselves at the end of their workout makes me happy and proud that they are one step closer to accomplishing their goals."

Elisha's training is devoted to olympic weightlifting, crossfit and strength training. 

She is passionate about teaching others how life-changing exercise can be and how it can impact your health.

Elisha believes that your physical fitness can effect how you feel mentally and emotionally. Whether it is to gain muscle mass, lose weight, tone and stay in shape, or overall just want to be healthy, all it takes is a little hard work and dedication. It is worth fighting for! You will get results that will boost your confidence.

"Fitness is for everybody. It has changed my life and I guarantee that it can help change yours."