Carey Kauffman

Carey Kauffman

Personal Trainer & Strength Coach

Carey began working in fitness in 2017 at North Carolina State University. When she began working as a NASM Certified personal trainer in 2018 she was caught thinking “how can I give my clients a better understanding of their body, and the root cause of their physical ailments?"

While working towards her major in Applied Nutrition and Sports Science, Carey came across massage therapy, which has only been a licensed profession for around 20 years. Being a Licensed Massage Therapist allows her to address problems directly rather than approaching rehabilitation from a reactive method.

Along with her professional background, in 2015 she achieved a 80-pound weight loss and successively gained 25 pounds of muscle over the next 2.5 years. She now holds a passion for body recomposition through strength-based training methods. 

With a background in athletics, nutrition, and personally experiencing the stages of fat-loss and muscles gain, Carey holds a different perspective regarding training. She strives to help everyone feel comfortable in the gym and leave feeling motivated to challenge themselves.