Do you have the drive, determination, and will to commit to building a completely new you? Is maximizing your athletic performance and developing an incredible physique your number one priority, and are you willing to do everything it takes to get there?

If you want premium service, specialized attention, and complete support to develop a radically new body; our premium Elite Physique & Performance Training system is for you.

More Than Just Personal Training

What makes our premium service package worth it? You get 50% more face time with our personal trainers. Complete research, programming, and instruction on how to develop optimal alignment and posture. Total lifestyle guidance outside of the gym. And, Referral to one of our specialized medical partners to complement your training with clinical support.

Elite Physique & Performance Personal Training:

  • Extended 90 Minute Sessions: With 90-minute sessions, no body part, movement, or aspect of your physical transformation is neglected. To correct posture, master technique, build strength & endurance; ample time is required to focus on each element.
  • Functional Movement Screen and Posture Analysis: Your movement and posture is one of the biggest factors in how the world perceives you. Do you want to command the attention of an entire room? Appearing powerful, assertive, and authoritative will go a long way in creating a memorable and positive first impression. With our functional movement screen and posture analysis, we will uncover your weakness and asymmetries, then develop a program to fix them!
  • Complete Support: Our Elite Physique & Performance clients receive priority attention and support. If you have a unique need or detail needing extra focus, your personal trainer will do the required research and follow through to ensure your satisfaction and success. From nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle guidance, we will cover every angle!
  • Medical Referral: Sometimes training is not enough. Depending on your age and genetics, sometimes professional medical assistance is required to optimize your health and wellness. We will put you in touch with one of our doctor partners who can give you the specialized medical and clinical guidance to get you on track for success!
  • $100-75/Session: Price based on frequency and size of package.
  • Priority Scheduling: We will do everything in our power to fit your busy and active lifestyle conveniently

This style of personal training is reserved for serious candidates only. You must be ready and willing to commit 100% to our program and guidance. In doing so, you can transform your body, performance, and life!

If you have any questions regarding this special program please contact us today!

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