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Avg 5.0 Stars 
Over 229 Reviews

Avg 5.0 Stars
Over 124 Reviews

Catherine F.

Personal Training Client

"...If you’re looking to invest in real training that'll teach you life-long skills to stay fit and healthy... progressing past your plateaus… Capital Strength is your gym!"

Matt McLaughlin

Owner & Coach

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1. Capital Introduction

First, we'll learn more about you and what you're looking for. Then you get the details on what Capital Strength is all about and what you can expect with us.

2. Goal Review and Q&A

Next, we'll chat about your goals and exactly what you want to accomplish. Then we'll answer your questions and share some insights on how to achieve what you want.

3. Decide Next Steps

Last, we decide together if our program is right for you. If it's a fit, and you're comfortable moving forward, we invite you for a session. If not, no worries! You walk away with great insights about your training and how to achieve your transformation.

About Matt McLaughlin

Matt takes a no-nonsense approach to training and development. He aims to provide the most effective methods to build strength, transform the body, and increase performance. By approaching training as an eternal student, he never stops learning and applying the latest and most effective training methods to his clients.

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John M.

Military Officer

"...I’ve had personal trainers in Miami, California, Brazil, and North Carolina. Without any question, my experience at Capital Strength has been the highest quality."

Laura S.


"...I look forward to my sessions every week, and even feel a little sad when I go too many days in between them..."

Alex N.

Grad Student

"...I joined because one of the fastest ways to grow is from the knowledge of others. My favorite part of Capital Strength is tapping into the minds of the coaches..."

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