Your Body Recomposition Blueprint

How to finally get lean, strong, and healthy using the 3 metabolic switches that fully unlock your body recomp potential.

If you can do just one thing to get in better shape, start practicing Body Recomposition. Here’s how:

#1: Getting lean is the fastest way to improve your look. Body Recomp is the art, science, and practice of reducing body fat while building lean muscle. This is how you transform your physique.

#2: Health is your first wealth. Achieving Body Recomp helps you build strength, increase stamina, and enhance your metabolism. All of which create superior health and capability.

#3: Time and energy are your most precious resources. Who has time to waste? You sure don’t. A proper Body Recomp program gets you results faster with less effort by focusing on the right things.

How do you achieve Body Recomposition?
With the 3 Metabolic Switches that will transform you...

Metabolic Switch  1

Real Strength Training. To burn pure body fat, you must keep the muscle you have or build more. This means strength training 2-4 days per week using moves like the Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Overhead Press, Lunges, Pull Ups and more.

Metabolic Switch  2

Optimal Muscle Nutrition. Everybody is different. You need a plan that fits you and builds lean muscle as you burn off body fat. How? Focus on high protein: Get 1g/lb of body weight and 30% of calories from protein.

Metabolic Switch  3

Healthy Habits. Feeling good AND looking great requires habits that rejuvenate you. This means hydrating, balancing stress, fixing your sleep, boosting your metabolism, and holding yourself accountable all the way through your transformation.

It’s pretty simple - If you’re trying but not getting leaner, stronger, and healthier then there’s a good chance you’re not doing what it takes to stimulate your body properly. 

If you're missing just ONE of the 3 Metabolic Switches will hold you back and block your results.

The best way forward? A program designed for you that creates Body Recomposition...

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