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Personal Trainer Techniques: Top 3 General Foam Rolling Movements

Demonstrating the top 3 foam rolling movements to get you ready for any workout!

→ T-spine: Put the roller in the middle of your back, cross your elbows and move up and down on the roller while looking for any spots that feel tight and need to be rolled.
→ Glutes & external rotators: sit on the roller, lean on one side and fold that knee over the other leg and look for tightness while you roll.
→ Thighs / hip flexors: flip over and put your non-working leg onto the side to give yourself some support, and move up and down to roll your thigh from different angles as needed, looking for stiff muscles.

Matt McLaughlin

Matt is the owner of Capital Strength & Conditioning. Utilizing his skill set in strength training, movement, nutrition, and lifestyle design; he helps his clients build the best version of themselves.