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Personal Trainer Techniques: The Landmine Squat and Hinge

Showing you how to perform a Landmine Squat & Hinge: a great way to build your hips and  glutes.
→ (00:14) Breaking down the exercise as a combination of a squat, followed by a hinge (Romanian deadlift).
→ (00:54) The Hinge movement will work the back of your legs and glutes, while the squat will work the front of your legs as well as glutes.
→ (1:08) If you do 20 and feel like it is easy, slow down the movement or add weight to make the exercise more challenging.
Matt McLaughlin

Matt is the owner of Capital Strength & Conditioning. Utilizing his skill set in strength training, movement, nutrition, and lifestyle design; he helps his clients build the best version of themselves.