Nutrition Tips

With Thanksgiving being just a week away, and only 5 more weeks to go until Christmas, we are going full speed Holiday-mode!

For most of us, that means ditching our fitness routine and diving into that cookie jar, tossing our progress and health concerns right out the window…Well not this year!

We’ve compiled the Top 5 Mistakes People Make During the Holidays, to help you make some better choices this Holiday Season, so be aware of those traps so you can avoid them!

  1. Skipping breakfast: You might think you’re cutting out calories, and saving your appetite for the big meal;
    but having a nice high-protein breakfast will actually help 
    you feel full longer and will make holiday treats a bit easier to pass up! so in the end, you might consume less calories by eating breakfast.
  2. Drinking EggNog. did you know that there are over 300 calories in one cup of eggnog?! Even if you went for a 30 minute run, that would barely burn off the calories from that one drink cup.
  3. Eating creamed spinach and other fatty “vegetable casseroles”: we know you’re trying to be good and eat your serving of veggies, but dishes like these are smothered in cream, butter, and cheese. Go for steamed greens when possible.
  4. Giving yourself a “cheat day” or days..: It started with a doughnut for breakfast, then a cookie with your co-cheat mealworker, then a holiday lunch, by the time dinner comes around, you’re thinking you’ve done so much damage that you might as well go all out with dinner and dessert.
    It’s never too late to cut your losses!
    Each calorie counts, and giving yourself a “pass” because you started making some nutritional mistakes isn’t the best way to go. Try to have a plan for eating healthy, and not to deviate from it.
  5. Skipping the gym: Everyone is busier than ever during the holidays, but it’s important to prioritize your health. Making time to exercise should stay at the the top of your list! Think about how much better you’ll be feeling during, and after the Holidays are over! 
Matt McLaughlin

Matt is the owner of Capital Strength & Conditioning. Utilizing his skill set in strength training, movement, nutrition, and lifestyle design; he helps his clients build the best version of themselves.